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Privacy Policy

The goal of this policy is to inform you about the activates of AnalyticsOn connected to the data collection and data processing.

Please note that this policy does not apply to data collecting from AnalyticsOn’s websites - and when visiting, registering, or during receiving services. To see the latter, please see the Data Processing Policy of Advertisers and Publishers (LINK).

Activities of AnalyticsOn are based on transparency and establishing the best practices in the industry. Consequently, our goal is to provide you with information about our activities and other important issues as simply and succinctly as possible. If you have questions or need additional explanations about any topic do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

1. About AnalyticsOn Activity

AnalyticsOn’s activity is to show you targeted ads of our partners. AnalyticsOn has two types of partners:

Advertisers who want to show you their advertisements;


Publishers, websites of which ads are displayed.

When you visit our partner''s website, we may be provided with data (see paragraph 2), through which we try to show you ads that are relevant to you. The content of the targeted ads may be due to the actions taken by you on the AnalyticsOn’s Partner''s website (for example, viewing the product offered for sale on the website).

2. What data can be collected and how do we use them?

We receive our data through our partner’s web pages. We may receive the following categories of data:


Information about activity on partner’s website For example, which products you saw on the web page and which ones you added to the card (virtual basket).
Information about the browser and the device used This is technical information about which browser or device you used to visit our partner''s website. For example, the IP address of the device, the cookies, the cell phone identifier.
Information about advertisements This includes information about the ads we showed you (for example quantity, content, place of display, interaction with advertisements)

We do not collect data that directly identify you in real life (such as name, surname, identification data of official documents and so on). Such data are not necessary for our work and therefore we use all the power to detect and destroy them if it is still transferred to us by the partner).

3. Cookies

We use cookies to show you our client’s (partners’) advertisements. Cookies are small data files that are stored on your device. Cookies allow us to recognize your device and/or browser when you visit our partners'' websites and show you targeted ads.

You can check your device on the existence/absence of cookies through the browser (instructions - Google Chrome; Internet Explorer; Microsoft Edge; Яндекс.Браузер; Mozilla Firefox; Opera; Safari).

4. Who can get your data

Our partners may receive data about targeted advertising, including the number of views, content, interaction. The aim of this is to provide services or information on the services already provided. It is noteworthy that our partners based on this information, including real-time - technical means, make a decision whether to show you ads or not.

We allow our partners to improve their advertisements based on the data indicated the data provided under clause 2.

5. Your choice and the right to refuse targeted ads

We understand the importance of your ability to control your data, thus we provide you with data management and control capabilities:

You can refuse our targeted advertisements and block cookies by selecting the appropriate settings in your browser (instructions - Google Chrome; Internet Explorer; Microsoft Edge; Яндекс.Браузер; Mozilla Firefox; Opera; Safari). Please note that your refusal to receive the targeted advertisements is also stored as a cookie. Accordingly, if you delete the cookies and/or update the browser, you may need to re-submit a rejection because we do not have information that directly identifies you and we are scoped with information about browser, device and other data that does not directly identify you.

For the reasons mentioned above, if you use multiple browsers and/or devices, you need to refuse the service in all of the devices and browsers, otherwise, you may receive targeted ads on the device/browser using which you have not declined its receipt yet.

After refusing targeted advertisements, you will no longer receive targeted ads, although this does not exclude receipt of statistical ads or advertisements that are not generated based on your interests. Therefore, you might receive less relevant ads. Additionally, if you want to completely delete or prohibit the cookies, you can change your browser settings (instructions - Google Chrome; Internet Explorer; Microsoft Edge; Яндекс.Браузер; Mozilla Firefox; Opera; Safari).

In addition, depending on your jurisdiction, you may be entitled to receive, update, correct the information we have, and request to delete this information. Please contact us (regarding this - [email protected]

You may also have the right to appeal to the local Personal Data Protection Authority.

In addition, we would like to inform you that in most cases we get information about you from our partners, which may have an obligation, including a contractual, to provide you with information about your data. Consequently, in these cases, you may be redirected to your partners.

6. Legal basis

Data processing is required to provide our services. In addition, the basis for processing data may be the consent and/or our legal interest.

7. The timeframe for storage of information

We keep the information for 5 years, after which we take measures such as destruction, complete irreversible depersonalization in such a way that it is impossible to connect with a particular person, browser or equipment, conversion into the pure statistical record.

8. Privacy Policy Update

If this policy is updated, the information will be posted on the AnalyticsOn website.